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The Flairaholiks can adapt to any party environment from fun wedding receptions to crazy luaus. We flair, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, just tell us where the party is.



Jeff Electric

Since before he could crawl, Jeff has been destined for a life of flair bartending. His family gave him a balanced diet of Kool Aid & MTV and taught him the sacred union of the shiny tin and the holy bottle. He began his training at the tender age of 21, by migrating to the frozen tundra of Sonoma to begin his training. Here he learned how to defeat huge terrifying beasts and frightening monsters using only his bottles and tins as weapons. He battled and survived using only his will to live and a desire to be the best El Torito bartender. It wasn’t enough.

Still not at the level he wanted, Jeff decided to leave. Armed only with his bottles, tins and a B.A. in Economics, he traveled to the Far corners of the earth. Changing his identity to Ace, he ended up in a little village called San Diego; the perfect location to further develop his skills. Once there he met with others like him called Flairaholiks, they possessed the same drive and passion to be the best. Together the Flairaholiks hone their skills on the Pacific Beach field of battle religiously. Ace has also sought out personal extensive training from the prestigious Harrah’s school of “Yagi karukyure-ta” (means bottle tossing in Japanese, probably not, but it sounds cool).

Joining forces with the Flairaholiks and dedicating his life to Yagi karukyure-ta has allowed him to express his passion and talents to the world. His training, pride and drive to get paid have brought him to this moment.

Now we will really see what he can do…..after lunch.




Derwayne Chesterman

Derwayne is in the third generation of barkeepers in his family and has a passion for the mixology trade and the craft of freestyle bartending.

After witnessing a bartender in London's first ever TGI Fridays captivate the crowd, make a fantastic drink and get all the ladies at the same time, he was hooked. Since Flaircos (high grade plastic shatterproof flair bottle) were still yet to be invented, he had to practice with the real thing wrapped in tape (the bottle, not Derwayne!).

Being part of the flair revolution in London from the birth of the Roadhouse flair competition to selling bar blades to the hungry bartending masses, if he hasn't seen it or done it, he was probably drunk at the time!

Always learning, ever evolving, and now part of a new revolution of flair bartending, The Flairaholiks.




Jake started bartending a year and half ago working at TGI Fridays in Carmel Mountain, where he was introduced to flair by a coworker and has been addicted ever since.

Jake spins everything from his keys to multiple bottles and tins and this dedication has placed him in several San Diego competitions and won him the San Diego TGI Fridays flair challenge.

Jake seeks constantly to be better than the day before, advancing beyond the realm of his mentors to bring a whole new level of

excitement in bartending.




Jason Omoto

Jason began his bartending career in his home town of Sacramento at On The Border Mexican Restaurant and fell in love with the energy of a huge crowd each night.  The initial reaction he got from flipping a single tin behind the bar was the catalyst for making flair the foundation of his bartending persona. With only a handful of flair bartenders in Sacramento, Jason had to push himself to invent new tricks and hone his skills.  Upon moving down to sunny San Diego, he joined the Flair Bartender Association (FBA) and was able to practice with many of its talented active members. After his debut in San Diego’s first ever PourWars competition, there was no doubt in his mind that flair bartending was for life.  Jason can be seen electrifying the crowd at Ole Madrid in the Gaslamp flipping bottles and tins for the San Diego nightlife.




Antonio Electric

Antonio began bartending in La Jolla many moons ago, and thought that it would be a good way to make money for school.  He never had the plan on doing this for the past 10 years, but found out that he loved doing it, and trained himself to be the best at his craft.


One day, in a euphoric state induced by Skyy Vodka and corn nuts, Antonio found flair. Working at Harrah’s San Diego he was introduced to the wonderful world and lifestyle of flair bartending.

Trained by the Flair Devils of the world famous Carnival Court Las Vegas, he got the opportunity to open Cabana Cove at Harrah’s San Diego and entertain guests with his new found talent every day. After moving on it was too late, he was infected with the disease of flair and endeavors everyday to become better.

Jake Electric





Bobby hails from the rolling green hills of Ireland where the fairies, goats and unicorns run amuck throughout the many pubs of the south. While on one of his many drunken nights out on the tare, Bobby stumbled upon a pub with two Czech gentlemen throwing and juggling bar objects unlike one has ever witnessed. That was the day the seed of flair was planted, that seed is what brought him to Southern California in search of more. After landing a bartending job at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, he found a small group of likeminded fools with the passion to entertain behind the bar. Already passionate and dedicated to all things alcohol he began to consume all he could of flair. He spent many difficult days and sleepless nights of practicing throughout Ocean Beach, often being mistaken as a homeless street entertainer but his skills improved he finally found himself flaring behind the infamous Dive ultra-pool bar. It wasn't long before he was noticed by the great Flairaholiks, and that was the big break he was working so hard to achieve. As a proud member of this great group his hunger to improve, impress and progress grew ever so strong. Nowadays he's living happily ever after smiling, laughing and entertaining the great cocktail drinkers of the world!