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The Flairaholiks can adapt to any party environment from fun wedding receptions to crazy luaus. We flair, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, just tell us where the party is.



James Sordahl

James is the only member of the Flairaholiks, who once traded his parents' boat for a portable, height adjustable basketball goal. Some people will tell you that he developed his amazing bartending skills through countless hours of hard work, dedication, practice, and a diet of Flintstone's vitamins, but James would have you believe that his skills were a gift from the gods for driving a crocodile/human crossbreed gang out of Australia during an over night stay in 2001(even though everyone knows the croc/humans weren't driven out of Australia until mid-December 2003.) James has been working his current trade as a bartender for the last four years and working for NASA for the last... you know what, forget it... just forget get it... (sigh!)




Scott Christian

All the way from the birthplace of flight, Dayton Ohio, Christian found himself most at home behind bars! After graduating college and turning 30, he decided to throw caution to the wind and sell everything that wouldn’t fit in his hatchback and make the move to Las Vegas!  Within ten months he had achieved his goal of landing a flair bartending job on the famous Las Vegas Strip.  Loving all aspects of the beverage industry from flair, speed, advanced mixology and the occasional competition, his true passion is the real thing. Being behind a bar as the maestro of good times and throwing perfect acapella versions of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air!




Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz started bartending at the age of 17 in Caguas, Puerto Rico and right out of High School he knew he wanted to do something extreme and fun.  One night he decided to check out a bar where a bartender was doing some moves with bottles, and from this moment he knew bartending was going to be his career. He started taking classes of mixology and appetizers with Professor Arnaldo Hernandez in IVAEM along with the flair classes of Manuel E. Picon Delgado and Harry Rivera Pomales. By the time he graduated of Vocational School he had already represented Puerto Rico in nationwide competitions combining both Flair and Mixology. At the age of 21 he finally decided to fulfill his dream and move to Las Vegas, Nevada where he began working at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. With a few moves here and there he now resides at the Fuel Bar inside the Brand new Grand Bazaar Shops in front of the Bally's Hotel and Casino featuring some of the best flair bartenders in Las Vegas.



This kid once got a job for misspelling his name on an application as Parker Parker. Who wouldn't want someone with a strong bold name like that!?!? His flair bartending career started at Chili's in Sacramento.. That's right. He is a former Chili Head!!! After training in Sacramento with Billy Zurisk he decided to get a little closer to Vegas and moved to the Biggest Little City in the World. Opening up Aura nightclub inside the Silver Legacy he honed his craft of bartending. Focusing on all aspects of flair, service, and craft cocktails. After watching cocktail the movie, he sold his last pair of underwear and moved to the Cayman Islands. Realizing that not everything in the movies is true, he decided to move back to Reno.  After winning the advanced division of the F.B.A he decided to make the final plunge and move to Las Vegas. Now holding down the Golden Gate casino on Fremont St. 4 years later, they still haven't been able to get this kid to go home!!



Mike Guzman

Mike started bartending at 19 in a country club in Tucson, Arizona. After watching a Travel Channel Special on the World's Best Bartender he decided he wanted to enter the world of flair bartending and professional competition. After moving to Denver, Colorado in 2009 he started working at TGI Fridays and worked hard to become one of the best flair bartenders in the area. Since then he has travelled all over the country competing in dozens of competitions and providing trainings and consultations for TGI Fridays, Dave and Buster's, and many other companies. Mike wears a bandana as a tribute to the battle with cancer he overcame when he started bartending, leading to his motto "Fear the Bandana". Mike now works and competes out of Las Vegas amongst the best flair bartenders in the world.