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The Flairaholiks can adapt to any party environment from fun wedding receptions to crazy luaus. We flair, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, just tell us where the party is.



The Exhibition Package is strictly for performance purposes only and is usually booked for commercials, video promotion, photography projects, stage shows or exhibits that require the performance without the actual serving of product.


This package enables the bartenders to focus on strictly the performance and provides a wider range of impressive moves that are unrestricted by the boundaries of working flair and the pouring of liquid. The bartenders are able to perform routines that can be rehearsed to music providing a stunning choreographed show and even perform in tandem where required.


With any of our events it is advised that only Flairaholiks Bartenders are in the performance area (behind the bar) during our service, hence we cannot perform with bartenders that are not a member of the Flairaholiks Flair Bartender Team.

We are able to provide the following equipment at each event:



28 oz Weighted Tins

16 oz Cheater Tins    

Mixing (Boston) Glasses

Lime Squeezer


Bar Spoons

Ice Scoops Metal

Speed Openers

Wine Keys    

Flairco Plastic Bottles


Misc Glass Bottles

Ice Scoops Plastic



Garnish Trays

Bar Towels

Salt Rimmers

Cutting Board

Store Pours    


Fruit Buckets

Spill Mats

Napkin Caddys

Bus Tubs

Ice Tubs

285-50 Pour Spouts

Floor Protection

Bounce Mats

Each flair bartender is priced individually to an agreed amount of time. Transport and accommodations may also be factored into price should the need arise.

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