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The Flairaholiks can adapt to any party environment from fun wedding receptions to crazy luaus. We flair, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, just tell us where the party is.




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The Flairaholiks are professional flair bartenders from San Diego and Las Vegas brought to your event and blended together with a dedication to service, mixology and entertainment all while serving exquisite cocktails.


Unlike traditional bartenders, the Flairaholiks crew, have dedicated their careers to learn every aspect of bartending intricately, allowing us to create tasty libations combined with an exiting and entertaining environment.


Flairaholiks are classically and professionally trained mixologists (think of a mixologist as a bar chef). Every drink a Flairaholik makes uses techniques to maximize flavor and appearance with finely balanced ingredients to make your cocktail enjoyable.


Our crew consists of the best “competition level” flair bartenders in San Diego and are fully insured and "Tips" certified.

Flair is the ability to throw, roll, toss and balance any object behind the bar. It ranges from a lime wedge, to a martini glass, even to a completely full bottle of liquor. If you want to learn more about what flair is, click here.

Our crew can serve classic Sidecars, Manhattans and Martinis to modern cocktails all night along with complex and light flair routines creating quick entertaining drink service for your guests.


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